Yvonne Conza – WOOF Patrol’s Founder & Publisher

Yvonne is an author, former actress, playwright and Miami contributor for Animal Fair Magazine. Her stories appear in the Catskill Mountain Guide Anthology 2006 and her plays have performed at The Off Center Theater, NYC (1986) and at the Lee Strasberg Institute (1989). Along with her husband Tony, Yvonne serves, with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America as well as the South Beach Club. She divides her time between Woodstock, NY, Miami and Manhattan. She’s the Miami contributor for Animal Fair Magazine. She can often be found with Pomo, WOOF Patrol’s mascot, walking in any direction he chooses.

WOOF Patrol Contributors: Photographs, reviews, articles and tons pooch passion support is provided by these dog owners and enthusiasts:


Roberta Bayley was the first to photograph the 70’s punk rock scene. Her work appears in many photography collections, including Blank Generation Revisited: The Early Days of Punk Rock (1977). Her website www.robertabayley.com is an extensive and thought provoking online museum. “She Just Takes Pictures” is PopMatters.com in-depth interview of Roberta Bayley that is worth the read. Sidney is her dog-biscuit counting Pug.  WOOF Patrol thanks her for providing us with rocking photos of the dog run community of New York City.



Alex Van Clief, a Syracuse University graduate, is a freelance photographer. Her work was featured in 31 Under 31: Young Women in Brooklyn, NY at the 3rd Ward.  She shoots digitally though Alex’s camera preference leans to a Mamiya C330.  Alex is also a writer and founder of the Purple Pie Company.  She contributes book reviews and other feature articles for WOOF Patrol. www.alex@alexvanclief.com

Minnow, Alex’s dog, often captures her lens and can regularly be found on chairs. He LOVES chairs!!!

  Tony Conza is the Founder of the Blimpie restaurant chain and the President of Conza Capital Corp, a private investment firm. He is also a member of the Board of Governors of The Boys and Girls Clubs of America and serves on the Dean’s Council at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. His extensive bio can be found on http://www.conzacap.com.

Most important he is WOOF Patrol’s Little Bites columnist and the dad of Pomo, WOOF Patrol’s mascot. Father and son frat-like antics start early in the morning and continue into the late evening. It includes marathon games of tug-of-war (which Pomo always wins) and fetch.



Nikki Goldbeck, a Certified Dietitian/Nutritionist and leading nutrition authority, is the author of numerous books on healthy eating, including the best seller “American Wholefoods Cuisine”.  Together, she and her husband David have put healthy eating into fashion.  Nikki is a sought after editor by writers of fiction and nonfiction and, along with Tony Conza, the editor of Yvonne’s short story collection: No One Whistles Anymore.  She is also a photographer who has photographed all of WOOF Patrol’s events.  Her past dog loves were Luke, Shepherd Husky mix, and Darth Vader III, a black Royal Standard Poodle.  Nikki is a welcomed occasional dog-sitter for Pomo. Visit Healthy Highways at www.healthyhighways.com for tasteful information.



Judge Judith Kreeger and her husband Julian epitomize the success behind the vibrancy of Miami Beach.  They care about their community and both are involved with several noteworthy organizations such as Women of Tomorrow and Friends of Chamber Music of Miami.  (www.women-of-tomorrow.com and www.miamichambermusic.org)
Jasmine is their adored poodle, has Julian completely wrapped around her little rescued paw.
Julian provided his legal expertise and strategic guidance for WOOF Patrol.



Kate Perry is the founder of Kate Perry Dog Training. Her trademark hands positive reinforcement methods used to guide owners and their dogs has a proven track record. She also specializes in puppy socialization class and is available for private consultations. Sophie is Kate’s black pug and is also the demo dog that has taught hundreds of pooches about boundaries and other necessary K-9 skills. Pomo is a graduate of the Sophie School of Pawsitive Training.



Laura Spilman was born in Greensboro, NC and moved to Buffalo, NY when she was 3. She attended the University of Rochester, majoring in English with a minor in Anthropology. She graduated in May 2006 with Honors after completing an Honors thesis on William Faulkner. Laura was a 3-year Varsity Lacrosse player and since the age of 5 has played the violin. Currently pursuing a career in publishing and writing, Laura is planning on getting a dog in near future. We encourage readers to visit her WPE profile for more about this talented 23 year old writer.