RULE 1:Travel with a healthy pooch.

Make sure your dog is in good physical condition and has no medical problems.  Be certain all vaccinations are current.  Have your vet’s number handy - add it to your cell phone’s speed dial.  It’s also a good idea to have an emergency contact at your destination.   

Be mindful of your dog’s emotional well being.  Is Spot a globetrotting hound?  Or does he need to be pampered and coached to enjoy cruising, flying or sailing?  To curb the nerves there are herbal remedies available as well as doggie-valium.  WOOF Patrol suggests vigorous exercise the day before the morning of departure.

Looks are important too.  Think about a fresh bath, clipped nails and a hair cut for your pet.  Inner beauty matters most but a well groomed dog is a more loved dog by fellow travelers.
RULE 2: Follow the 3’Ps … preparation, plan ahead and pit stops.

Pet I.D. tags are not an accessory but an essential.  All pertinent information like your name and number and your vet’s contact information should be on Fluff’s collar.  Carry a photo of your dog in case she wanders off by accident and you need to enlist others to help you look for her.

Confirm in writing your pet-friendly accommodations with a hotel, campground, airline or elsewhere.  Make sure your dog has mastered the basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, come and quiet before embarking on your trip. 

Take ample pee breaks.  And don’t forget to clean up after your dog.

RULE 3: Create a traveling environment that resembles “home”.
Pack a few of his favorite toys.  Comfort means the world to both two and four legs.  Pack his food and snuggle bed and arrange the hotel room such that he understands where he belongs.

NOTE: There are tons more travel tips.  Be sure and check back with us.  Safe travels!