Dogs love us unconditionally. There's no pretense or agendas. No complaints. They never fail to greet us at the door with passionate exuberance-even if we just left the room for five minutes to take out the trash-and they simply put us in a better mood.


Canine Informant: Gail Rodney

Jack is my first dog ever. We wanted a breed that was not too small or delicate. And, it had to be a dog that we could trust and be reliable with the small children in our building. Jack has proven to be … more>>

Canine Informant: The Friedman Family

Prior to their adoption of Honey, her soon-to-be family - Stan, Paula and their son Michael Friedman - talked with one another about the responsibilities as well as … more>>

Canine Informant: Roberta Bayley

Roberta Bayley is a photojournalist. In the 70’s she was the vanguard shutterbug chronicling the punk rock scene. Bayley is also a Pug enthusiast ... more>>


Canine Informant: Nancy Johnson

Everyday Arrow reminds me that following your heart will take you to the right place. You see, he didn't belong to us... more>>

Canine Informant: Dr. Neal B. Schultz MD – www.parkavenueskincare.com

Cooper has taught me that in life we should act as the person that our dog thinks we are. Likely Quote from Cooper : If you are walking down the street with her you’ll find that her expression.... more>>

Canine Informant: Gay Gutman

The key to safe and fun traveling by car with my dogs is being prepared. I like placing a big sheet on the backseat for them. You can also use a towel.... more>>

Canine Informant: Jo Umans, Executive Director, Behind the Book - www.BehindTheBook.org

There was that first morning when I woke up thinking, "I'll never be able to sleep late again. Jake will need to be walked first thing. Heading over to the park... more>>

Canine Informant: Diane & Richard Mandel

"Penny was having a challenge with housebreaking. She had a piddle pattern that needed to be corrected. Every time she saw the leash... more>>

Canine Informant: : Kerstin Jaeger, Founder of Fifi Dog Models - www.FifiDogModels.com

When I first got Felix, he was the only South Beach Vizsla around. At six months he developed a bad skin rash. There was nobody familiar with the breed for me to turn to for advice. Felix's body looked as though... more>>