February, 2009

Eleven-year-old Sydney Lee and Kala, her Rhodesian Ridgeback will enter ring 4 at 12:15. She's not going in as a junior handler. Instead, Sydney will show competitively as a composed and ... more>>

Photo: Sydney Lee & Ch. Adili's "Kala" Sabu © Y. Conza


October, 2008

In 2006, BostonDOG was formed to promote conscientious and responsible dog ownership. Protecting the collective needs and desires of dog owners and non-dog owners is just one … more>>

Photo: Libby & her pals

May, 2008

Red Carter: Satchmo had been with me from the start of our label’s launch. Everyday he was at work with me. He was an inspiration. ... more>>

Photo: Satchmo © www.sandy-bottoms.com

April, 2008

What makes a great dog photo?  Capturing the true nature of dog is top on the list.  Since 1999 Lisa Croft-Elliott has been doing just that.  She’s a household name in the professional circle of the top breeders ... more>>

Crufts 2002 Photo:
© LC-E - www.eyefordogs.com

February, 2008

Since the age of four, Love has attended The Westminster show and in the process raised the profile of Dachshunds to a breed of great distinction... more>>

Photo: © Sidney Stafford

January, 2008

On December 4, 2006 Laura Spilman was in a horrible car accident. She suffered a ruptured spleen, a torn diaphragm, a collapsed lung and another partially collapsed, broken ribs and a broken pelvis... more>>
January, 2008

“I’m blessed.” Imagine those words coming out of the mouth of a young woman who had her whole life ahead of her, but after a sudden freak accident, now faces more obstacles than you or I could ever grasp.. more>>


December, 2007

"In 1998, there wasn't a brand for dogs. There was Levi for jeans, Nike for sneakers, Rayban for sunglasses and more. Leashes and leads needed a brand. I had just gotten two puppies... more>>
November, 2007

No dog should have to endure a bad haircut, least of all a Shih Tzu. So several years ago when WOOF Patrol's Pomo was still a puppy and we spotted a similar breed that was well-groomed, we asked the owner to share her shearer's name with us... more>>
October, 2007

It's a Wednesday and we're walking with Miya Gowdy and Vivian Outlaw in Tribeca. We pass photographers, sculptors, painters, boutique and various other shop owners while pup-razzi stop the women to say hello in this tony neighborhood... more>>
September, 2007

In fall 2005, Ann began campaigning for the German Shepherd Dog to become the next state symbol of New York. Currently there are 14 symbols for New York State such as the state fruit: apple... more>>
August, 2007

Some people are taller than other people and some dogs are taller than other dogs. No one would ever give that a second thought. Spot a dog towering above people however, and that's enough to make you do a double take... more>>
July, 2007

For 9 year old Sydney Lee, winning is for the team. What's most important to her is how good her win made everyone feel... more>>
June, 2007

Jon Bond is a legend in the advertising world. In 1987, at age 29 with $50,000, he and Richard Kirshenbaum founded Kirshenbaum & Bond Advertising. Ten years later the two had become the whiz kids... more>>
May, 2007

When you learn that "Strut Your Mutt" is the theme of the 2nd Annual Locust Valley Dog Festival, you may think purebreds are excluded. Not so. Lynda Anderson, the festival founder, is quick to let you know... more>>
April, 2007

The A-List belongs to Richard Brown. Pacino, Pitt, Clooney, Cruise, Roberts, Aniston: when Brown requests an interview, the response is personal, no handlers. How does Brown garner such respect?... more>>
March, 2007

Meredith Wagner, Lifetime Television's Executive Vice President of Public Affairs and Corporate Communications, is impressive in all aspects of her life. Her trademark: tireless conscientiousness to issues that matter.... more>>
February, 2007

Wendy Diamond's business savvy and instinctive inclination towards posh affairs is well grounded in a love for people and animals... more>>
January, 2007

David Frei is a man of many titles and talents, but his self-proclaimed preferred role is: "The guy at the other end of the leash." Our introduction to David is as Westminster Kennel Club's, Director of Communication... more>>


December, 2006

In order to be able to keep her pets, Maida Waldner Genser, the Founder and President of Citizens for Pets in Condos, had to confront the policy set by her condo board... more>>
November, 2006

"La Cage Aux Folles" and "The Gods Must Be Crazy" have just opened in your dad's New York theatre, The Plaza and the 68th St. Playhouse. Later that week, you find yourself ushering patrons through the Apollo... more>>
October, 2006

Noah's Wish is an organization devoted to managing animals during disasters. Terri Crisp, the founder is dedicated to a standard of excellence and a goal of helping people as much as animals... more>>
September, 2006

Gloria Gilbert Stoga is the founder of Puppies Behind Bars (PPB). Her organization trains prison inmates to raise puppies to be guide dogs for the blind and explosive detection canines for law enforcement... more>>
August, 2006

Governor Bush placed his signature on the "Doggie Dining" Bill - (SB1172), launching a three-year pilot program that allows restaurants to permit dogs to join their owners while dining... more>>
July, 2006

WOOF Patrol met up with Kelly DeAngelis in the middle of Washington Square Park, NYC. Over a year ago our pups met in the dog run and ever since we shared many things such as dog trainer and doggie etiquette tips... more>>
June, 2006

Kaylee comes to work with a purpose and a determination to see results. It's her personal commitment not just to the beach community but to herself... more>>
WOOF Patrol's first WPE!

"Dogs are indigenous to South Beach," said Francine Segal. She was one of more than 40 dog lovers that packed City Hall, February 22nd, 2006, to fight for canines' rights to stroll on the Miami Beach walkway... more>>

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Sean Copeland and to Luis Morris. Their contributions on and off the Miami Beach pet-friendly walkway made a pawsitive difference.

Left: Sean Copeland, Right: Luis Morris